Celebrating Innovations and Excellence Awards in 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Intelligence

Why Participate

We are here to celebrate the 3D Printing Innovations and Excellence Awards in the Heart of the Middle East:- Dubai, Team AdditiveMEA is providing everyone a unique platform for their expertise and befitting them with the outcomes of their hard work and sincerity. We say that now It’s the time to nominate yourself in order to acheive, The showcase will be presented in front of hundreds of other participants and The choosen ones will be awarded.

Our Categories

  • Young Scientist
  • Poster Award
  • Women in 3D Printing
  • Top 5 3D Printing Startups Awards
  • Healthcare Companies that fight Covid
  • Design Awards
  • Business Awards according to Industries Construction / Aviation / Education and More

Terms and conditions

1. 50% of the score will be based on customer responsiveness (testimonials) as a weightage for the award selection.

2. 50% will be based on the existing service rendered and future business plans of the company

3. All members nominating for the AdditiveMEA Awards 2022 need to register as delegates for the AdditiveMEA 2022 conference for the relevant city of participation they have registered. The registration form can be found on the conference page of the AdditiveMEA event website https://additivemea.com

Awards Schedule

Join us in the blisfull evening of 14th April to celebrate 3D Printing Innovations and Additive Manufacturing Intelligence in heart of the Middle East.

5:45 pm – 5:50 pm: Welcoming the Guest and the participants.

5:50 pm – 6:00 pm: Introducing AdditiveMEA AWARDS 2022.

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm:  Celebration and Gifts.